How It Works

We work with rural neighborhoods to home pasture-sound Thoroughbreds in unused fields

Community Horse Sanctuary Helps

Many race horses retire with no place to go and Community Horse Sanctuary is made to fix this problem.

Horses are expensive to retrain and often incur non-life-threatening injuries at the track.  And even when a horse does find a post-racing career, circumstances can change over the years leaving the horse in need of a safe place to live out its life.  Owners often do not have land to house them. Each year ~140,000 horses are shipped to Canada & Mexico for slaughter and former race horses are a significant part of the population.

CHS works with communities of property owners and volunteers* to:

Install or upgrade horse-safe fencing, shelter, water access

Check on well-being of horses daily and feed grain/hay as appropriate

Arrange farrier and veterinary visits on a regular schedule

Move horse to a central barn if it requires additional care

  • Property owner provides pasture

  • Volunteers check on horses daily and feed grain/hay

  • Central community barn provides facilities to evaluate new horses and care for injuries/illness

  • CHS works with owner to upgrade facilities, manage horse welfare and provide centralized tools and administration